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Skyline is a global entrepreneurial leadership enabler company.

Skyline Ventures is on the path to transforming itself into premier Tech Conglomerate with a specific focus on the Fintech industry. We focus on unlocking value for shareholders and leaders of mid-size growth-oriented enterprises & large corporates, by being the preferred technology and execution partner.
We seek to contribute meaningfully to clients in collaboration with specialized Extended team /partners from various fields.
The stellar team of Board Members, Management Team and Partners bring the following

  • Multi-disciplinary outlook
  • Cross border experience
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Deep global network

Platform as a Service

We offer Fundpitch as a platform to facilitate the growth capital requirements of companies and connect companies and investors to Merchant Banking & Investment banking ecosystem

Management as a Service

We offer a compelling, fractional high impact management bandwidth in the form of Management as a Service

What got you here won’t take you there

As companies evolve, the entrepreneurial leaders’ drive and qualities which helped in identifying, creating and growing the business will not be sufficient.

We help identify the key constraint and provide outside in support.

Key Constraints

  • 01 Time
  • 02 Expertise
  • 03 Network
  • 04 Money
  • 05 Focus


We help companies leverage their Human Capital and Financial Capital.


Skyline helps growth and mid-size organizations transform and optimize their operational environments through IT research, benchmarking, consulting and managed services, with a focus on information technology, program management services.


Skyline leadership teams provides advisory and strategy consulting services for senior business leaders. We help address the disruptive nature of emerging technologies with special focus on Fintech.

IT Advisory

Business Systems Design

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Dashboards Analysis and Reports

IT Governance Systems

Project Risk Management

Business Advisory

Business Excellence

Strategy and Marketing

Financial Data Models

Pricing and sales

Operations Management

Investment Banking (through Partners)

Culture Creation

Talent Acquisition

Leadership Development

Recognition and Rewards

Change Management